Women and Weasels Against Bullshit

Ok, see if you can stay with me for a minute until I get to the point.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to have accumulated various items, habits, built certain relationships, etc in my trying-to-stay-sane-while-I-do-this-thing-called-life toolkit. I don’t always remember to use them all, with the exception of my antidepressant which would have to be pried from my cold, dead hands at this point. I’ve stopped taking it before when things were “better” but life just keeps happening and I’ve come to accept that I’m wired the way I’m wired and I’m on it for good this time. Glad we got that settled, finally.

But anyway…my tool kit. Sufficient time alone. Exercise. Good nutrition. Proper sleep. Women friends. Springsteen. My antidepressant, like I said. Maybe back to a therapist if needed, even though in my estimation I had enough therapy in my early adulthood to choke a freaking horse and OMG, the self-help books. My ongoing and VERY complicated conversation with God. A little bit of wine. Reading. Writing. The beach. Puttering around my house. Laughter. And I’m convinced I need to add yoga and regular massage, and maybe acupuncture, but I haven’t gotten around to it. Oh, and there’s Juanita the Weasel.

And there it is. The point. Juanita the Weasel.


The photo and persona, if you will, of the taxidermied Weasel itself is the brilliant creation of Jennifer Lawson, AKA The Bloggess. It went viral a couple of years ago and then she kindly made the photo available to her readers on Flickr. To do whatever we freaking want with it! If you are one of my FB friends, you know how much I love this Weasel. And yeah, she’s worthy of a capital W because she plays a significant role in my life. She’s irreplaceable.

I love Juanita so much that, for me, adding text to her photo is like putting words to music. A creative outlet, one that inspires me, supports my mental health and is also hilarious. Or mentally hilarious. Whatever.

Juanita speaks to me. I just really get her…the housewife frock, her hands up in the air, her mouth wide open yelling whateverthehell on the top of her lungs. Getting shit done. And I always imagine her calmly moving on when she’s finished venting, smoothing out her frock, carrying on with her other work of the day, whatever it is, energies refocused. The calm isn’t like me, but I can aspire to that part. Anyway, I also imagine there’s some additional cursing under her breath afterwards, which IS like me.

I love how she can look angry, scared, surprised, excited, happy, frustrated, psychotic and more all at the same time. I can even see her praising the Lord, too, can’t you? So versatile.

I mainly generate the memes for my own therapeutic enjoyment. Believe it or not, I’m easily amused. Sometimes I giggle myself so silly that I forget what I was upset about in the first place. Magical. I’m so grateful to The Bloggess for sharing her masterpiece with her readers because it became another very effective outlet for me to express myself. Drop the F-bomb in a Juanita meme and move on. It works for me. Also, I now receive requests for Weasel memes on a regular basis from family members and friends. Because apparently I’m the only one with a meme generator app and/or the time for such things. Nevertheless, I love that I can provide a personalized service that really seems to help bring relief to people especially during stressful or annoying episodes in their lives. I love that it doesn’t add additional stress to my own goings-ons. I gladly do it for whoever asks and I usually drop everything to turn over the requests quickly. I have a Weasel file that makes me nearly pee my pants every time I look through it. It’s actually become a scrapbook of sorts. I can look through it and remember what possessed me to generate a particular meme or what was going on in the lives of my people that possessed them to ask for their own meme. And if I can share my file with someone else like my sister J and I get to watch her nearly pee her own pants? Well, that’s just the best. Go ahead, give me a situation, almost any situation, and I’ll show you how Juanita the Weasel can help make it better, even if only for a few minutes.

I’m in the early stages of considering – I said considering – some very part-time work and as I think about what I might like to do, my mind wanders to Juanita. If only I could earn a little money creating Juanita memes, I WOULD JUMP ALL OVER THAT IN A SPLIT SECOND. That would be some fulfilling work right there. I’m serious. I would share proceeds with The Bloggess, of course, and I wouldn’t charge a lot either, maybe just enough to cover Girl’s college textbooks. I’m not greedy.

While I ponder that some more, I’ll leave you with these samples from my Weasel file. Please feel free to share and friend me on FB if you want to have access to the REALLY good ones:









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