Sunday Farmer’s Market

Horrible people that we are, we dragged the boy to the farmer’s market over the weekend. Against his will. On the way out the door he said, “FINE, but I’m not walking around. You guys do what you want, but I’m gonna sit under a tree, play my guitar and eat a hot dog.” He got over it once we were actually there in the midst of things, just like he always does, but he never did get that hot dog. He most certainly did play his guitar under a tree for awhile, though. He was so incredibly adorable sitting there strumming and bobbing his head to the beat he was creating. The artistic stylings of my boy. So content, not a worry, just doing his thing. He sounded like a train wreck, but who cares. As I watched him and captured a photo, the wild love I feel for that kid overflowed. And then my stomach growled so we shared some Fat Frankie’s margherita pizza. The end.


PS – I edited the photo in an app called Waterlogue. I love it.


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