Monday, Revisited

It’s Monday! My favorite day of the week!

Once I got Boy off to school, I started my Monday morning like always, collecting my marbles. I did some writing. Then I ran to the grocery store, the pharmacy, the library. I cleaned the joint up because there was a serious toy explosion over the weekend plus a bunch of other stuff all over the place. I texted with Girl a little bit. She’s kind of homesick today – I figured she would be, I miss her too after having her home for fall break – but she’s very happy and proud about a 96 on a history midterm. BOOYAH. I dealt with the gnarly bushes out front. They grow so fast and they have prickly branches and I always get those prickly thingies stuck in my fingers, even though I bought heavier gloves. Annoying. Anyway, I got my boy’s Halloween crap up in the yard. It looks good. I didn’t get a walk in because I ran out of time, but that’s ok.

I was feeling pretty happy with myself, really productive. Plus the weather was gorgeous today, so I especially enjoyed my time outdoors. I went upstairs to take a quick shower before heading out to pick up Boy and as I walked down the hall I realized I hadn’t made the beds and immediately I thought, “LOSER”.

Yeah. What kind of bullshit self-talk is that? It’s not like I’d been sitting around doing nothing. Is that a woman thing or a mom thing or a me thing or what? I don’t know but it’s completely messed up.

I thought about it as I showered and dressed and then I went on auto-pilot, started to make the beds. I stopped abruptly and thought, “HELL NO! I’m gonna boycott the beds, a big fat symbolic F YOU to that trash talk I just laid on myself for no good freaking reason.”

I started down the steps and then I turned around and went back up. And yes, I made the damn beds because leaving them unmade messed with my psychology way too much.

The end.


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