Let’s Talk About The Psychology Of THIS

C’mon, it’ll be fun.


What is it? Well, this right here is a metaphor. It’s a metaphor for the main difference between me and Husband. And, to be honest, it’s at the root of our own special blend of marital challenge when it arises.

Husband brought this tray of coffee cakes into the house and pushed it just far enough onto the counter. He turned and walked away without giving it a second thought. He didn’t even notice it was dangling on the edge. It was good enough. Fine. Done. He went about his business without a care in the world. No worries weighing this man down because no way this could come crashing down all around us. And so what if it does? He’ll deal with it then. Besides, it’s not going to. And also, it didn’t. Not today, anyway. Relax. He’s got this.

I took one look at that tray and thought, WHOA. Danger. Full stop. Nope. Not on my watch, son. I’m the God(dess) of HYPER Vigilance. Prevention. Risk Assessment. Safety. Not Doing Anything That Might Unnecessarily Fuck Us Up.  And If I Can Help It, Not Letting You Do It Either. I pushed the tray all the way onto the counter because a dangling anything is a recipe for disaster.  What if it falls? What about the mess? Who will clean it up? What if someone gets hurt? OR WORSE? Who will fix THAT?

The end.


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