iPhones, Clouds and Goldfish, Oh My

It all started with stealing away to have a cup of coffee and to make some edits to one of the blog posts I was working on.

I was standing in line at Starbucks messing around with my post – yes, I do most of my writing on my iPhone because 1. I’m shamelessly attached to it and 2. I can’t sit upright in a desk chair for too long without my glute/hamstring thing acting up so I don’t use my laptop all that much – and then POOF! My post disappeared, it just slid off to the side into thin air. Or into the recesses of my iPhone. Or the internets. Or that damn cloud. Or somewhere.

Point is, it was GONE. Girl had warned me not to work on the Notes app but I didn’t listen. Because I loved it. It was simple. Not threatening. The yellow background and big black font worked for me. Well, it used to, until the thing ate my post.

I was still in line and it was all I could do not to holler out for help. Yo! You guys! HELP! I’ve been working on this freaking blog post for a week and it disappeared! I said HAILLLPPP!

I got my coffee and started trying to figure out what in the world happened. I closed and reopened the app, I turned the phone off and back on. Nothing. And that was the extent of my knowledge of what in the heck to do. I am no tech whiz. The 3 remotes in our family room intimidate me. I thought about placing an urgent call to hubs but I stopped myself and just drove home to try to handle it myself.

I had a list of stuff I needed to get done that day which went straight out the window because hello this was an obvious EMERGENCY. I wanted to scream. It felt like I’d lost a piece of myself, I’m not kidding. The post was about 1000 words and I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned my editing process? Similar to the way I turn stuff over and over inside my head? Well, depending on the topic, that’s how I write, I rework stuff constantly and I’d spent a lot of time on it and, well, I wanted that work back! Right Now!

Google is my friend and yours so I went there and typed “HELP! My iPhone Note disappeared while editing”. Tons of info came up that may as well have been in Greek because I just DO NOT KNOW. I deciphered enough of it to stumble through a few possible fixes. I checked my default settings for the Notes app because apparently sometimes random notes will get sent to a mail account instead of being saved in the cloud. Whateverthehell that means. But nope. Checked all of my mail accounts just in case. Nope. Then I checked the cloud on my laptop, hoping my post was floating around somewhere up in there. Nope. What is the cloud, anyway? Does it even exist? Where is it? Is there a supervisor I can speak with? In English? Who knows. Then I checked to see when the last backup of my iPhone happened. Bingo. The day before at 5pm, most of the blog post should have been in that note.

So I ventured into the whole restoring from backup thing. Alone. Big Mistake. First, I had to reset my iPhone which meant erasing everything. That went ok. Then I hooked up to iTunes to restore it to the previous day’s backup. But I restored it to the wrong backup, I mistakenly chose one from last May. Don’t ask. By then, I wanted a gigantic glass of wine so bad but it was only about 1pm and I realized I hadn’t eaten anything so I grabbed a bunch of goldfish crackers because hello EMERGENCY so I didn’t have time to mess with anything else.

I erased everything AGAIN and then chose the correct backup from which to restore. You know the restorations take quite awhile, right? And I could have done something more productive during the waiting but I pretty much just paced back and forth and ate a lot of goldfish. Not pretty. When it was done, I just knew everything was gonna be there – well not really – and it was, except for my blog post. All of the other notes/blog posts in progress were there but not the one I’d been working on that morning. It was tragic.

I still do not know what happened or why or how. But I got a grip over myself sort of and got Google Docs and transferred over everything from my Notes app and I moved that damn app to the last app page on my phone so I’d never see it or use it again and if I could have taken it off of my phone completely I would have, that’s how pissed I was.

Then later that evening, as I recounted to Husband what I’d been through that day and was feeling kind of sick from God only knows how many goldfish I’d eaten, I discovered that during the whole dealing with the cloud thing I did something screwy to cause my texts to be sent from my cloud address, not my cellphone number. No idea. But somehow I fixed it. It involved A LOT of cursing. And some wine which was just plain stupid on top of all of those goldfish.

I continue to be tormented by the thought of my work possibly floating around out there in the cloud without me and I’ve tried to recreate the post I lost but I haven’t been able to yet. It was about Boy and the whole GT/LD thing. Dammit. In the meantime I wrote this. A glimpse into my world. The book will come out next fall.


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