Our Boy

I know, two posts in one day. I’m a beast.

I was a little preoccupied with trying to finish my blog post for Husband this morning and true to my current menopausal state, I kinda lost track of some other details, like getting our son ready for school.

So we were running quite late. Meaning I was gonna have to walk him into school to sign him in. Meaning I had to take a shower because although I’ve lost a lot of my vanity, which is SO freeing, it’s actually one of the things I enjoy about getting older, I draw the line at walking into my kid’s school with bed head.

Boy was slightly annoyed with me but very cooperative once I realized how late it was. He quickly got into gear so we could get out the door.

We walked into the front office and I was surprised that the very friendly secretary knows Boy by name already – hopefully that’s a good thing – and she said good morning to him. I signed him in and she came over to fill out his late pass, asking for the reason he was late.

I hesitated and then Boy goes, “my Mom had to take a shower.” The secretary looked up at me and smiled and then Boy continued, “yeah, because she forgot to get me ready and give me breakfast because she was writing a love letter to my Dad because…..(and I’m standing there thinking oh my God please no, just stop right now, kid)….um….it’s a very special day….(yes!)….and then she realized we were so late she had to take a shower because she didn’t want you to see what her hair looks like in the morning.”

More smiles and an unexcused tardy slip. And then I kissed my boy goodbye and wished him a great day.

The end.


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