Traveling Mercies

Last night Girl called us and presented a big fat federal case for why we should move her flight home for Thanksgiving up a few days. It was actually pretty impressive, visual aids and all, Gordon’s Model UN team will be foolish not to take her. Anyway, she convinced us and we changed the flight, telling her that the difference in fare is part of her Christmas present, and now she’ll be flying in a week from tonight.

Except I won’t be here.


Because I’ll be in Lancaster with my niece seeing Anne Lamott. ANNE LAMOTT. Yes. It’s true. Let that sink in.

Ok. So anyway, I’ve been trying to get up to Elizabethtown to visit C all semester but our schedules haven’t lined up til now. So when I saw these tickets go on sale I asked her if I can come up, hang out with her for the afternoon, she can show me the places she likes to go, I’ll take her to a nice dinner and then to introduce her to Sister Anne Lamott. And so we have a date. Really looking forward to having some special time with the kid.

I’ll drive back the next morning to see Girl and she’ll be home for a whole week! AND can you believe she will be turning 18 on Thanksgiving day?! Somebody help me. My heart.


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