Thanksgiving Weekend In Pictures


Girl came home from school and was happily reunited with us and her SISTER/cousin, C, who made Girl SO happy by sleeping over the night before her birthday.


Eighteen?! I know what a big milestone birthday this is and I cannot believe its here already, but I forgot what happens when kids turn 18. THEY MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THAT THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. And they remind you of that repeatedly. And they give you lots of examples. Tattoos. Piercings. No midnight driving curfew. Calling someone other than a parent in the event of an arrest. ETC.


Yeah, so happy 18th?! birthday to my Thanksgiving baby! My beautiful girl, both inside and out. This photo from her first trip to the beach at 9 mos old is SO her. Almost always smiley with her eyes focused up and out toward beauty and hope. I love this girl, I love and adore her so much that sometimes it feels like my heart is gonna explode all over the place.


Girl’s favorite breakfast casserole, my sister P’s recipe. It was the best I ever made, just so you know.


I love these words-in-the-sand-photos, don’t you?


Boy and his favorite and his best, AKA Papou.


I decided to make this Broccoli, Mushroom and Wild Rice Casserole recipe I found on the internets because no one ever eats the salad and we’re sick of green bean casserole too. I’m not sure why I chose it because it was pretty labor intensive and therefore risky. I’d never blanched a vegetable before, people. I didn’t even know what that meant. But I’m happy to report that this casserole got rave reviews. It was really hearty and yummy and tasted like fall and it was also beautiful and I did it all by myself.


Husband’s turkey. He filled the cavity with apples, lemon and some other tzunks and it was awesome. Something about aromatics.


Here we all are, not as big a group as in years past and we especially missed my sister J and her family and my brother-in-law’s sister and also other friends who at various times have joined us. But still, it was wonderful to be all together. My Mom is there at the end the table, opposite my Dad, behind my big head. We did the usual going around the table to share what we’re thankful for which really is all the prayer a person needs.


We sang happy birthday to both Girl and Husband after dinner, each with their favorite pie. Pumpkin for Girl and Black Forest Berry for Husband.


Girl spent lots of time this weekend catching up with her people. Here she is with 2 of her closest and longtime friends, C and M.


And here she is with another special friend, H.


Boy got the croup over the weekend and staying in is pretty torturous for the kid so we needed to keep him busy between periods of rest. What do you do to keep a boy like Matt busy? You let him make FAKE POOP and put it in a baggie so it looks like a gigantic disgusting turd so he can prank EVERYONE WHO CROSSES HIS PATH WITH IT.


Oh nothing, just a little something that resonated with me. Husband and I found it in a gift shop we went to after having a grown up lunch together to celebrate his birthday. We had a good time just hanging out and talking and being together and we needed it. My folks covered Boy because Girl was running the streets.


We got our Christmas tree up and decorated!


Then I had to take Boy to urgent care because his croupy cough was taking his breath away. I thought he might need prednisone overnight because of the way things were going and both of my kids have needed it before for some pretty rough and scary bouts with that damn croup.


I knew it was the croup from past experience and we got the prednisone – which we ended up not needing overnight, thankfully, because we got it, but we would have needed it if we hadn’t gotten it because that’s a life rule – but the doctor wanted to check for strep because he had it so many times last year and his throat does hurt. The kid was full of questions even at 11pm and the doctor was incredibly patient and gentle with him. I guess because we’d waited for 2 hours and Matt felt like shit and she had to wake him up to examine him and I WAS NOT HAPPY. But no strep this time.


And just like that Girl is heading back to school this morning. Not too bad of a goodbye because she’ll be home in 2 and a half weeks for Christmas break. The girl is gonna be living in the library til then, though, as she prepares for her first round of college finals. She’ll do great.


If you’re friends with me on FB or if you’ve read any of my recent blog posts, you know I’ve been in some distress about the THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. Specifically the Ferguson grand jury, the recent killing of another black boy by a white cop in Cleveland, the horrible story reported by the Rolling Stone about frats and rape at UVA, the abduction and murder of Hannah Graham, the midterm elections, stuff like that. I’ve been cursing a lot, eating too much, sleeping poorly, not exercising enough because who cares. But I’m trying to get a grip and rebound just like I always do and this John Green quote moves me, that’s all.


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