Rule Of Life

What happens when my kid gets sick right before I’m supposed to meet up with my BFF in Florida for the weekend to celebrate her 50th birthday while she just happens to be down there at a lovely resort for a conference?

My kid quickly gets better, goes back to school and I GET SICK. Because thats a RULE OF LIFE.

But that is NOT stopping me, no matter what. I AM OUT OF HERE TOMORROW MORNING and I’ll crawl there if I have to. I’m very, very sorry to have to show you this as I finish packing and I cough up God knows what and I lose more and more of my voice as the night goes on:


And finally, in the immortal words of my almost 9 yr old son…SO LONG, SUCKERS! I’M BEACH BOUND! No matter what.


Postscript, Thursday 8:30am: I wouldn’t say I feel like death this morning but I totally and completely LOOK LIKE DEATH so I put some makeup on which typically I reserve for very special occasions only because I don’t like it. When I got downstairs, Boy goes, “Mom, NO, what were you thinking?! Take that stuff off, it’s not you. Seriously, it’s disturbing.”


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