Boy Funny, Number 1,000,000

Some of you guys might know that my boy was home sick from school all week. We spent our days together very intensely as is usually the case when he’s sick, which means lots and lots of babying, cuddling, talking, talking, TALKING about everything in the whole wide world – yes, even when he’s sick – and doing all sorts of projects as he felt able, etc.

He called out for his Daddy at 5:30 this morning but Husband was already downstairs and didn’t hear him, so I went into Boy’s room to see what was up. He let me know he wanted his Daddy, not me – which is GOOD because the kid knows I am not an early morning person – and I told him I was just filling in until Daddy got up there.

I climbed into bed with him hoping he’d fall back asleep, but NO, and then he goes, “Mom, I’m feeling worried about something. You know how we were together for so many days in a row just you and me? Well, by last night I needed a break from you (I bit my lip to hold back the laughter) and when you told me to do something, I thought to myself, SHOVE IT. Does that mean I’m bad?” I finally laughed out loud, I just couldn’t help it, and I told him no, of course not, it means you’re normal. But you know you would have been in big trouble if you’d said that to me, right? And truthfully, by last night I felt the same way, but I didn’t SAY what I was thinking either. Because that would be mean and disrespectful. I moved on from that normal but negative thought in my head and I JUST DROVE AWAY AS SOON AS DADDY GOT HOME, remember? And he goes, “ohhhhh, so that’s why you left in such a hurry to run errands (*uses finger quotes*)? To get a break from me?” And I said yup and we laughed.



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