Thursday Randomness

So glad it’s bedtime. So SO glad. I hope that Diet Coke I inexplicably guzzled at 8:30 pm doesn’t screw me over, but it probably will. Serves me right.

My hands smell like bleach from cleaning bathrooms and strangely, I’m enjoying it.

On the way to school this morning, out of nowhere, my boy goes, “you know what, Mom? I think it must be pretty hard to teach a class full of very smart boys with learning differences” and I thought, NO SHIT, kid. But seriously, is it just me falling all over my kid because mothers are biologically wired to do that blahblahblah or is that some pretty amazing insight right there, especially for a kid who still isn’t completely buying into the whole school thing?

A few days before my girl went back to school we were having a relatively mild debate, the mother-daughter kind, you know what I mean, and under her breath but DEFINITELY AND INTENTIONALLY LOUD ENOUGH FOR ME TO HEAR, she goes, “yeah, I gotta get out of here and right back up to school.” I pretended I didn’t hear her and I thought, HELL YES! my work is done, she’s right where she should be, starting HER LIFE. Who would’ve thunk it of my once homebody girl? And tonight as I lay here in bed, she’s texting me about her first days back at school, how pumped she is about her classes, quoting portions of one of her reading assignments to me.

And I’m out. That’s all I’ve got.


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