A Boy And His Keyboard

He’s really coming along with his typing. He’s plugging away on a graphic novel he’s writing in Google Docs; he’s writing first this time, adding the comics later. He’s using his new email account quite a bit and last week during the school day, he sent me this:

Is it kosher to send your Mom emails during the school day? Not exactly, but he worked the system after rushing through his “boring” work by promising his teacher he was still writing. Which he was, even though I’m pretty sure she thought he was working in Google Docs. Anyway, I sent him this in return:

Tonight after his trampoline party, as we sat together on the couch RECOVERING, he sent me this:

And I sent him this:

And then he goes:

We got upstairs at about 7:50, went thru the whole bedtime thing and he was asleep by 8:55. Earliest knockout in over a month. THANK GOD. Or SkyZone. Whatever.


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