Frozen Hair And Bad Coffee: A Memoir

Well, not really, it’s just a tweet I lifted from my kid because I thought it was funny. I actually found it so funny that I texted her to ask for the background story. And THAT was so hilarious that I simply had to try to obtain authorization from her to share it here. And I did.

You’re welcome.

Basically, she stayed up REALLY LATE the night before last doing some school work and she didn’t have time to shower before bed as she normally does, so she showered in the morning. And apparently she got so little sleep that she determined she needed caffeine, which she typically avoids, so she walked all the way across her frigid, snowy campus to get some coffee, and as she walked, her hair froze, as in rock-hard-solid-FROZE. Plus, the coffee was disgusting, she felt like death, and she was on her way to a class about death. IRONY. And then, immediately following, she had to take another long walk across campus during which her hair REFROZE because it had thawed – but not dried – during the death class, which meant that she had to conduct an interview for her research project with the VP of her college with frozen hair, which I guess is a bad thing? I don’t know, but I laughed. Is that bad? I’m happy to report, however, that the interview – the first of many – went beautifully well and as a bonus, the VP sent warm greetings to me and told Girl about the great conversations we’ve had via phone and email about an “issue of concern” on campus (which I am in the process of writing about and will share if/when I can do so respectfully and maturely). So anyway, my kid isn’t blacklisted or anything because of my mouth and that can only be good. She still has to interview the President at the end of the week, but still.

Oh, college.

It looks SO GOOD on her.


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