Looking Up

Earlier today, Boy returned from the most “epic sleepover ever” at the home of one of his friends from his former school. The two of them have known each other since preK and they were actually born at the same hospital, same year, same day, 6 hours apart. Pretty cool. From the details he shared, it really does sound like their time together was pretty epic, except for the part when he woke up his friend’s Mom at 4am to tell her how happy he was that he was able to fall asleep there at 9:30pm and make it through the night?! OY. He’s been pretty needy at bedtime the last couple of months and so it was a BIG DEAL. In his defense, he didn’t know it was 4am and he did go back to sleep, but yeah, I owe her. Anyway, we talked about how great last week was too when that same friend got snowed in here and the fun times he had with his neighborhood buddies and even how his school days are feeling not quite so big and bad lately. And then he said, “Mom, I feel like things might be starting to come back together, maybe even a little better than before I fell apart.”


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