The MOTHER Of All Shares

See what I did there? Ha. Some of you have asked me about the Listen To Your Mother show, and more specifically, how I got involved with it. I guess because it’s so NOT something I’d typically do. I’m trying to write a more complete blog post about it because I’ve learned that it’s more than a show, it’s more than a national series of live readings by local writers on the theme of motherhood; it’s an amazing, empowering and unifying storytelling movement. But who knows if I’ll actually produce a publishable (is that a word?) blog post because I’ve been rendered a little bit speechless, even though I really am very grateful to have this opportunity to be part of something so special. ESPECIALLY after meeting my fellow cast members at our first rehearsal with the producers last night. For some reason, I’m having trouble talking with my people – or even writing – about my participation in the show. I don’t know why, exactly. I’m sure I’ll figure it out and when I do, I’ll talk. Until then, this is how it went down, since you asked…

A couple of months ago, Carla du Pree, a writer friend who was in last year’s Baltimore show, started nudging me to audition for the 2015 season. I wasn’t familiar with the show at all and after I did a very little bit of reading about it, I said something like, “WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER” because while I’m thoroughly enjoying my little blog here, I’m a total amateur, and I’m definitely not the kind of person who enjoys the spotlight. In fact, I’d say I’m the opposite. And then, apparently, days or weeks later, after another nudge or two, I changed my mind and said ok. Even though I was scared. Because my friend believed in me and in the importance and power of motherhood and storytelling, and because of a promise I made to my daughter. AND THEN I DID IT. I scheduled an audition and I kept it to myself which really helped me stay in denial about it and then I showed up and I read something I’d written in front of a panel of 5 very encouraging women I did not know while I stood at a podium on a small stage, and they looked straight into my soul and listened to my story and when I was done, they thanked me and I got in my car, took a deep breath and thought booyah…awesome…I was brave…I tried something new…I didn’t kill it…but I didn’t suck either…even though I had no idea the audition was, you know, a FOR REAL audition, or that it would be so formal, so professional…even though I was having hot flashes and I was rocking back and forth on my Dansko clogs…and dang, I’m pretty sure I picked the wrong piece to read…I should have gone with Cheese In A Can…but whatever…yay me for putting myself out there…I’ll definitely plan to go see the show in May. And then I did what any rational woman in my situation would have done. I drove straight to the mall and wandered through Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel for hours. I picked up and looked at every damn thing in both stores. And I didn’t buy anything either. A short time later, I finally told Husband because I’d kind of kept it a secret from him. He was supportive, mostly shocked, he congratulated me, and then looked at me as if he was thinking WHO ARE YOU? And then I said, “let us not speak of this again” and I went to my little writing corner and cried, but I wasn’t sad. The end.

Then I got an email and it wasn’t the end. It was the beginning. And then I found out that this is A THING, y’all. As in LEGIT. And then I started freaking out even though I’m thrilled at the same time. And then I started telling people. Or trying to. I think that about covers it. Ok? I promise I’ll talk more about it soon because it’s going to be an amazing show and I hope you’ll plan to join us in Baltimore on Saturday, May 9 at 4pm. You’ll be glad you did. And I will too. Even if you have to watch me clutch a spittoon into which I will spit my nausea-induced excess saliva the whole time.


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