What’s Old Is New

Warning: I’m in distraction mode, so if you don’t want to read completely meaningless fluff today, move along.¬†

I think I’ve mentioned that I have a thing for home design, which in my current reality is code for moving our old crap around. Well, this morning I woke up convinced that we need to buy a fabulous new and very huge sectional for our family room because I’m tired of our old crap, most of which is older than Boy and showing varying degrees of wear and tear. In some cases, the stuff is bordering on just plain ugly. Very unlike me to so impulsively want to buy a big ticket item. Must be the menopause. But don’t worry, I talked myself out of it pretty quickly because it’s not in our budget and then I talked Husband into helping me shuffle some of our crap around, which IS in our budget. Usually I move our crap around all by myself when I’m alone in the house because I’m easily entertained and I thoroughly enjoy it, but since it’s the weekend, I went ahead and asked for help. Husband was a very willing participant and he actually displayed some pretty impressive design flare too, so let us give him an extra high five for that right now. HIGH FIVE!

We moved the big overstuffed green chair from the corner over to the side, kind of like a love seat, and we brought down the diamond chair from our bedroom to go into the corner. Much better visually and spatially, even though we lost a seat. Then we moved the flowery chairs back into the sunroom, which is the location I originally bought them for, and moved the beachy ones that were there up to our room where they’re fine, plus no one hangs out up there, so who cares. Did you follow all that? Here are a couple of after photos, which may not mean anything if you don’t remember where our crap was before.

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought those flowery chairs at World Market, the ones over in the sunroom area, but it probably had something to do with cheap. Anyway, I do admit I bought them. In addition to retiring the Ikea orange polka dot area rug from the sunroom to the basement where it belongs, I also swapped out several of the pillows in the family room. It’s a good thing I used to have a pillow problem because I had a pretty big supply to choose from in our storage room.

So, nothing drastic, but still, overall I’m pretty happy with the new arrangement. The only thing missing from this morning’s operation was the part when I get to see how long it takes Husband to notice I moved crap around, or the really awesome part when occasionally he asks, “when did you buy that?” Missed that part, but still, a good morning. What’s old is new. Sort of.


Rainy Days, Airports and Doctors

What, the sun couldn’t stay out a little longer? We needed another dreary, rainy day to keep us from taking our happy place for granted? God forbid we hear the birds sing or smell the freshly mowed grass or feel the warm spring breeze for too many days in a row because that would royally screw us over, no doubt.

I’m not a fan of rainy days. Shocker. I know a lot of introverts are, but I am not one of them. I need the sun for my mental health and it was a long winter and maybe it’s just me, but it feels like there’s been a lot of rain so far this spring too. So just c’mon. I’m not asking for much, I don’t even care if it’s particularly warm, I just need the sun.

I put Girl on a plane back to Boston today to finish the last 4 weeks of her freshman year of college. She’s doing really well, the biggest news to report being that she was chosen to participate in a year-long intensive honors program next year. And it comes with a stipend, too. Woot. She went way out of her comfort zone to apply for it and it was pretty competitive, so she’s thrilled. Her tailbone injury, sustained when she slipped on a sheet of ice outside her dorm, continues to heal slowly and although I have refrained – per Girl’s request – from directly tweeting the president of her college about his various missteps, I did tweet out into the general twittersphere that I think it would be awesome if he obsessed less about being oppressed by the LGBT community and more about ICE MELT. Apparently that kind of editorial tweeting is ok. I’m still learning the rules. Anyway, I can’t believe her school year has flown by this way, which is interesting because Boy’s school year has NOT. I guess perception is everything because her year has gone so smoothly and as you know, his has NOT. But his has been steadily improving since February, thankfully.

Speaking of Boy, he woke up with a headache and sore throat so I kept him home and took him to his pediatrician after we dropped girl off at the airport. The doctor took one look in his mouth and stuck that doublecottonswabstickthing straight down his throat. Of course he has strep again, nasty this time, with pus and all. Not surprising given his EVEN HIGHER sensitivity than usual the night before last and yesterday morning. Poor guy. And so I’m assuming that means that the “amazing” day he had at school yesterday, the one his teacher emailed me about, might not have been the kind of amazing I hoped for, but instead might have been him starting to feel too crappy to run his mouth nonstop, which was experienced as amazing by HER?

Let’s see, what else? Oh, you’ll be glad to know that in celebration of the Resurrection I finally took down our Santa flag and I colored my hair. Plucked my eyebrows and polished my nails a sparkly turquoise too. I even bought a dress to wear for my reading at the Listen To Your Mother Show on May 9 in Baltimore. And it’s not black either. I wasn’t looking for it, you know how that goes. Why can’t you ever find a dress when you need one and you’re actually looking all over town for one? I have no idea. It’s just a rule. Anyway, I was at TJ Maxx looking for some other random crap, can’t remember what, and as soon as I walked into the store, I spotted the dress and I bought it just like that for $39.99. Didn’t even try it on, I just knew it was meant to be. Reminds me of the time my 4 ft tall metal chicken and I locked eyes in HomeGoods and I brought her home to live with me forever. Anyway, my new dress is pretty much the complete opposite of my typical utilitarian uniform of black yoga pants and sweatshirts, it’s modern and patterned and colorfully bright and it’s fabulous because it will hide the sweat that will be pouring out of my pits on show day. No idea what I’m gonna do about my head sweat but I’m open to suggestions.  I’m thinking of wearing depends too because I always have to pee when I’m nervous and I’m not great at holding it these days. Do you think my spanx will fit over the depends? Note to self to check that situation out in advance!

I have quite a few posts in progress, posts about my travel to Madison and NYC, our Greek Easter celebration, a local hero friend of mine, more about Listen To Your Mother, current events, and other assorted topics that might be viewed as more, I don’t know, substantial than THIS, but I’ve been short on time….and something else….not sure what. Husband thinks that my being cast in the LTYM show is fucking with my head, that I’m feeling slightly immobilized by a concoction of elation and horror. Maybe. So in the meantime, I leave you with THIS. The day to day minutiae of my life. Cheers.

A Little Help?

I’m in desperate need – STILL – of some hair color to cover all of these flat grays I have.


I’d let it go if my grays were sparkly silver like some people are lucky enough to have, but I’m not lucky enough, so NO. Well, actually, yes, I know I have been letting it go, but its really not ok with me, that’s my point. And it’s not gonna happen anytime soon at a salon because I won’t even go there to get my hair properly cut. I have a box of homestyle hair color sitting right here, which is what I typically use to deal with these flat grays, but I won’t even spend the 30 minutes it takes to do that. So will somebody come over here and mix this crap up and make me sit down and rub it into my hair so I can rinse it out and move on? Thank you, in advance, whoever you are.

Good Friday

I posted this on FB last year and I figure today is a good day to share it here.

My family went to Good Friday services at church tonight. I still don’t do church much at all blahblahblah and just thinking about it still makes my stomach sick blahblahblah so I stayed home, listened to an online sermon, meditated a little, tried to be peacefully grateful, took a bath. When my family got home, my little boy told me he took communion and that he was sad I wasn’t there with them. I was sad too. He sat on my lap and I just listened to what he had to say about it all. He used 2 of his action figures to show me how Jesus had beaten the crap out of sin and death. Then he asked if we had some bread and some juice. He asked me to break off 4 pieces of bread and to pour 4 little cups of juice. He gathered the 4 of us around the kitchen table, then he folded his hands, took a deep breath, exhaled, smiled and looked up to my husband for the words….take, eat, this is my body…..take, drink, this is my blood….And we did. When we finished, I held that wild, crazy, unpredictable, innocent, tender-hearted, loving little boy for a long time, and he let me, and I whispered in his ear how much I adore him, how grateful I am for him. And Jesus was there too. And that’s all that matters tonight.