Good Friday

I posted this on FB last year and I figure today is a good day to share it here.

My family went to Good Friday services at church tonight. I still don’t do church much at all blahblahblah and just thinking about it still makes my stomach sick blahblahblah so I stayed home, listened to an online sermon, meditated a little, tried to be peacefully grateful, took a bath. When my family got home, my little boy told me he took communion and that he was sad I wasn’t there with them. I was sad too. He sat on my lap and I just listened to what he had to say about it all. He used 2 of his action figures to show me how Jesus had beaten the crap out of sin and death. Then he asked if we had some bread and some juice. He asked me to break off 4 pieces of bread and to pour 4 little cups of juice. He gathered the 4 of us around the kitchen table, then he folded his hands, took a deep breath, exhaled, smiled and looked up to my husband for the words….take, eat, this is my body…..take, drink, this is my blood….And we did. When we finished, I held that wild, crazy, unpredictable, innocent, tender-hearted, loving little boy for a long time, and he let me, and I whispered in his ear how much I adore him, how grateful I am for him. And Jesus was there too. And that’s all that matters tonight.


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