A Little Help?

I’m in desperate need – STILL – of some hair color to cover all of these flat grays I have.


I’d let it go if my grays were sparkly silver like some people are lucky enough to have, but I’m not lucky enough, so NO. Well, actually, yes, I know I have been letting it go, but its really not ok with me, that’s my point. And it’s not gonna happen anytime soon at a salon because I won’t even go there to get my hair properly cut. I have a box of homestyle hair color sitting right here, which is what I typically use to deal with these flat grays, but I won’t even spend the 30 minutes it takes to do that. So will somebody come over here and mix this crap up and make me sit down and rub it into my hair so I can rinse it out and move on? Thank you, in advance, whoever you are.


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