And So It Begins, Again….

We happily went to sleep last night in a full house. Me, Husband, Girl and Boy back together again all under the same roof. And then this morning things went from quiet to crazy in a split second because Boy woke Girl up at 6:45am. He just couldn’t wait to start catching up with her and I don’t think he believes that she’s really home for the whole summer. He’s missed her so much, I think we underestimated the impact her absence would have on him, actually. So, yeah, he was IN HER FACE. And she was exhausted from many late nights with little sleep. Kaboom.

Good sister that she is, Girl stumbled down the stairs and planted herself on the sofa to try to be present with Boy before he left for school. He was more jacked up than I’ve seen him in weeks and he was bouncing off the walls, wanting to ENGAGE, and I hadn’t had anywhere near enough coffee yet so I just wanted to run out of the house I’m not even kidding. Then he started talking about all of the crap he’s gonna show Jake Clemons tonight when he comes to perform in our living room. And I jumped into that mess and said, “WHOA” and then I reminded him that we have an agreement about tonight, Jake is the star, not him. And then Girl goes, “Ok, people, listen up. Mom won! The E Street Band’s JAKE CLEMONS! is coming to our house! tonight! so can we please, PLEASE! try to be normal for once!!?” Good question, kid. LOL.

Transitions, even good ones, can be a bit tricky for Boy and I think the excitement of Girl coming home and the news that he still has to go to school today – which really pissed him off – and all of the commotion around getting ready for Jake just threw him off balance. He eventually regrouped and found something to do that helped him chill out until it was time to leave.

He stole his sister’s iPhone and started texting her friends. Lucky for you, Girl sent me some samples.

Apparently, the kid CAN write if he’s sufficiently motivated. And, WOW, all of the keyboarding work he’s done this year has really paid off too.

Did I tell you that in the midst of the goings-ons this week we learned that our A/C wasn’t working? No biggie really, except for the fact that 50 PEOPLE will be in my living room tonight, including a bunch of middle-aged menopausal women. So obviously, I had to get someone out here immediately. To be honest, I was going to let it go until next week, especially since it’s not that hot out, but my sister said, “HELLNO! you get them out there now”. So I did and the A/C dudes got here in the middle of our craziness this morning so that was fun and it also required my insistence that Girl drive Boy to school, which actually worked out fine because he kept texting her friends which was also fun.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, a handful of people notified me that they can’t come to see Jake tonight and so I was dealing with his management about the logistics of that whole thing and, finally, I think we’re all straightened out. Husband and my brother-in-law are doing Costco and hooch runs and my sister is coming over in a little bit to help me move the furniture around and string some lights. In the meantime I think I should get out of here to take a walk for my mental health, don’t you? I promise I’ll report back here in the next couple of days about our big night, ok? Its gonna be great, I still can’t believe it’s really happening.

And we’ll try to be normal, but I can’t promise.


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