Writing Day, Part 2

I’m writing again today and it’s still unpleasant and uncomfortable. I won’t bore you with the details the way I did yesterday, but I will share that I’m in a parking lot, locked in my car, cup of coffee at my side, writing on my damn phone, trying to escape all distraction. I’m posting this because a few minutes ago, I had an epiphany of sorts while teasing apart some thoughts for the essay I’m working on. And suddenly, the subject matter I’m struggling with hit a little closer to home because of what we went through with Boy this year. This notion of making people uncomfortable by talking about injustice, stigma, differences, SPECIAL NEEDS, etc and how hurtful, destructive, immoral it is when we dodge these issues because we deny they exist or we don’t want to deal with them for whatever reason or we don’t know HOW TO deal with them. Its understandable to a point, but IT’S NOT OK. We have a responsibility to do better. We have a responsibility to teach our kids to do better, to help them deal with the discomfort, to help them face it and explore it in their own little corners of the world, to encourage them to make room at their tables so they don’t grow up to be blind, self-centered, possibly even bigoted assholes and so they can help make this world a better place. Thanks for letting me share. And also, I take it back. I don’t apologize for making you uncomfortable. Don’t you dare apologize to me either.


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