July 5

We’re still in our pajamas at 2pm on the day after the 4th of July. The kids stumbled out to the family room earlier this morning for some screen time together, and now Boy is hanging out with one of his buddies while the girls have been cooking up a storm, eggs benedict and spaghetti carbonara. Husband and I are alternating between doing our own thing, cleaning up and talking about the very real Greek tragedy – no matter which way you slice it – unfolding before our eyes.

Anyway, I’m not really a fan of the whole 4th of July thing, never have been, but I especially feel it this year when, clearly, we still have SO MUCH work to do. Land of the free? Not sure about that anymore. America is a great idea and all, but we ain’t there yet and that’s all I’m going to say about that right now. You’ll be glad to know I managed to interrupt some of my critical reflections of the day so we could enjoy a few hours of swimming with new neighbors, a long, sweaty walk, too much good food with family and old friends, a game of Rook, and thankfully, NO FIRES OR INJURIES, even though the guys were shooting crap off of the deck and TWO different people, who shall remain nameless, walked straight through our screen door. The first time, the entire door was knocked out of the door frame, and the second time, after it had been replaced, the screen itself was ripped apart altogether. No alcohol was involved. 

Oh, and let us not forget the day to day bullshit that seems to go along with being human, the stuff that keeps life real and keeps us on our toes, the stuff that makes us stronger if it doesn’t kill us first, that too.

All in all, a fine day.


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