WHAT DAY IS IT?! Version January 2016.

What day is it? I have no idea. I’ve been snowed in with my youngest kid and pretty much our entire neighborhood of kids since, um, I don’t know. It’s been a long time. Many days. Blizzard Jonas dumped a gigantic 30 inches of snow on our town late last week and it shut down the entire area for days. Thankfully, we didn’t lose power, probably because we bought so many freaking lantern batteries.



We dug ourselves out over the course of 2 days and not too long after, our street was “plowed”. The kids are still out of school because things continue to be a mess around here, a slowly improving mess, but a mess just the same. We just received word that school’s out again tomorrow, so we’re looking at another few days of this, including the weekend. Who knows what condition we’ll be in by then.

Oh, wait, Husband and I have Springsteen tickets for tomorrow night in DC. I’m good. 

Speaking of Springsteen, I was introduced to Periscope last night by an old friend. Do you know what that is? I had NO IDEA. But when I found out, I downloaded the app and proceeded to watch the bulk of the Madison Square Garden show via live stream – even though it was my intention to go to bed early because there was a sleepover here the night before last and I’m tired. Anyway, I stayed up way too late again and it was great, the next best thing to being there. I absolutely must go to bed early tonight, though, because we have GAs for the show tomorrow and I’m 100% sure we’re going to make it into the pit. Good thing there’s no show tonight. And no sleepover. And good thing I received my random midnight text from Girl last night. I always respond – even from a deep sleep – because I always fear THE WORST when I get calls/texts that late. Once I know she’s ok, I always engage in whatever it is she wants to share with me – at least for a little while – because otherwise, I’d never talk to her. 





The combination of Springsteen pre-game excitement – the idea for my sign is good, right? Fits in perfectly with the theme of The River album – and snow days and fatigue and Girl’s comfort zone-busting activities obviously disoriented me. Ha. I’m thinking maybe I should text her now to tell her NOT to text me tonight – unless there’s an emergency – so I can get some rest. BECAUSE WE’RE GONNA BE IN THE PIT FOR SPRINGSTEEN TOMORROW NIGHT. I’m feeling it. 

Anyway, you should see the inside of our house. The coats, gloves, hats, boots. The towels. The laundry. The dishes. The toys. The papers and pens. The books. The electronics. The inventions. The pillows, sofa cushions, and blankets. Who’s gonna plow THAT?



And what about ALL THE PEOPLE? When are these people gonna get back to their regularly scheduled routines so I can get back to mine? Bazillions of people. Mostly boy people, talkingtalkingTALKINGlaughingyellingplayingrunningfartingburpingeatingeatingEATING. And lots of textingtextingtexting Moms. Like I said, I’m increasingly feeling a little muddled – or something – by the ongoing interruption of our “normal”.


Nevertheless, it’s also been really good in the most important ways because the storm coincided with Boy’s 10th birthday and the kid has been partying with a capital P. 


He’s been belly laughing, you guys. BELLY LAUGHING. I’ve missed that sound.


Since late last week, his days and nights have run together in a nonstop swirl of neighborhood playdates, sleepovers, sledding. Something about this storm triggered memories of connections lost, and somehow they were found again. Maybe only for this week, maybe not. I don’t know. I never do. I simultaneously love and hate the way he makes himself so vulnerable with people. He’s brave. We’re rolling with it, following his lead, taking advantage of the teachable moments over here. It’s all we can do, in addition to keeping his circle wider than before, which is why we’re making sure his through-thick-and-thin buddies are around too. He’s in a great, breezy place right now so I’m glad for him.






So there you have it.

Finally, let me wrap this mess up by saying – in the spirit of transparency – that working from home while kids are off from school for many, MANY days talkingtalkingTALKINGlaughingyellingplayingrunningfartingburpingeatingeatingEATING in the aftermath of SNOWZILLA 2016 = NOPE, not much, but this is my second blog post this month so I’m WINNING!


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