Hi, I’m Kristi. I’m a middle-aged wife and mother who recently reentered the work force nearly 10 years after the birth of my youngest child, a boy, also known in our house as “the mother of all midlife surprises”. I can’t tell you what I did all day during those years at home, but I know it took me all day to do it. I’m a lapsed MSW, a highly sensitive introvert, a doubting believer, and a lifelong, HARDCORE Springsteen Fan.

I started blogging in September 2014 to fulfill a promise made to my college-bound daughter, and while I still don’t know whether to thank her or to smack her, HERE I AM.

Thanks so much for reading.

#LoseTheCape: Never Will I Ever (And Then I Had Kids!), Contributor, December 2015

#LTYM Alumna, Baltimore, May 2015



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